Places to go and people to see if you find yourself in a tough spot.

American Red Cross (Central Stark County) 453-0146
American Red Cross (Western Stark County) 833-9943
American Rescue Workers 454-4071
Canton City Health Department 489-3231
Canton Community Clinic 454-2000
Community Services of Stark County (Canton) 455-0374
Community Services of Stark County (Alliance) 821-7478
Community Services of Stark County (Massillon) 833-8516
Community Services of Stark County (North Canton) 305-9696
Crisis Intervention 452-6000
Domestic Violence Project 453-7233
Families First 456-5470
Family Services, Inc. 454-7066
Grandparents as Parents Again 499-1783
Information and Referral Services 455-3921
J.R. Coleman Outreach Services 455-3873
Massillon City Health Department 830-1710
Maternity and Adoption Services 305-9696
Mother Mentor 456-5470
Stark County Health Department 493-9904
United Way of Central Stark County 455-0378
United Way of Western Stark County 833-4129
United Way of Alliance 823-5177
Western Stark Medical Clinic 834-1546
YWCA - Alliance 823-1840
YWCA - Canton 453-7644
YWCA - Massillon 837-5116

All phone numbers are area code 330, unless otherwise noted


In additon:

your youth minister at your church or parish.
your school nurse
your school guidance counselor
the social services departments of our local hospital

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