Besides abstinence, what do you think is the best form of birth control?

The short answer is there is none. You have to understand that an unwanted, unplanned pregnancy is just one of the many negative outcomes of having premarital sex. Birth control does nothing to protect your self-esteem or your reputation.

In addition, no birth control method is 100 percent effective in preventing the transmission of STD's. Beyond all of that, most birth control methods are not even 100 percent effective in preventing an unwanted pregnancy. I hope you can understand why we are so high on abstinence!

What are some of the signs of pregnancy?

A missed period, nausea and/or vomiting, morning sickness, changes in body shape, stretch marks, and even unusual food cravings. You do not need to have all of these to be pregnant. If you feel you might be pregnant, then I urge you to contact the Pregnancy Support Center at 455-7500.

Is it wrong to have sex with a guy that you have been with a long time and plan to marry?

It is not a good idea. Someone who wants to marry you and commit their love to you for life should want to protect you from any risk of pregnancy, STD's, fear, guilt, and loss of self-esteem. Besides, as you move toward marriage you can take full advantage of this time to develop the aspects of your relationship that will be the most important to a long and successful marriage. Please check out our downloadable sheet titled "Why Marriage First?" for a lot more info on this question.

Can a girl get pregnant the first time she ever has sex?

Absolutely. Not only that you can get pregnant at any time of the month, in any position, and even without complete sexual intercourse.

How can you tell if a guy is just saying he loves you just so you'll have sex with him?

This is one of the most asked questions. The answer is so simple - if a guy REALLY loves you that means he cares more about you than he does himself. If he REALLY loved you he would not put you at any kind of risk what so ever. There are all sorts of risk factors involved with premarital sex-take a moment to remind him of them and his reaction will tell you if he really loves you.

I keep hearing and reading the term "safe sex". What exactly is "safe sex"?

Unfortunately the term "safe sex" is very misleading! The only safe sex is sex within a committed, monogamous relationship (marriage). It seems, though, that the media and other poorly informed groups are touting sex with birth control as safe sex. Nothing could be further from the truth. According to the dictionary "safe" is defined as "secure from danger, harm, risk or evil." Let me make this very clear, sex with birth control, is not safe sex. You are still at risk of harm or danger. What it really is, is somewhat marginally safer sex.

What's the big deal about STD's anyway? Aren't they all curable?

No they are not. In fact, most STD's are not curable. Some are even deadly. In our "Downloadable Stuff" section we have a page on STD's, you just might want to take a look!

Do boys need to have sex?

No, boys just want to have sex. It is a physically pleasurable act, but it is not a need. Needs are things you can not live without. Things like food, water, and air are needs. No one has ever died from a lack of having sex.

Is everyone doing it?

Absolutely not! In fact the majority of high school kids in America are abstinent. Several years ago this was not the case, but our young people have started to do their homework and are making educated decisions!

What if I have already had sex?

It is never to late to lead a virtuous life. Think of your life as a savings account. You put a little in each month until you build up quite a treasure. Then, one day, you inexplicably take all your money out and spend it foolishly. You bank account is now at zero. Does that mean you give up on trying to ever save again. To ever build up your value? I hope not. The point is, if you have already had sex it doesn't mean you can't reinvest in yourself and lead a life of virtue. Never give up on yourself. In addition, the more you have sex the more likely it is that the risks will catch up with you. I know this is a very silly analogy but if you saw someone jump out of an airplane (without a parachute!), hit the ground hard, bounce a couple of times, and hop to his feet as healthy as can be...would you do the same thing? Risky behavior is risky behavior. Just because it hasn't caught up to you yet doesn't mean it won't.

Can a girl get pregnant while she is having her period?

Yes! A girl can get pregant any time of the month.

What are the symptoms of our most common STD's

Herpes: small water filled blisters below the waist pain and burning when going to the bathroom.
Gonorrhea: pain when going to the bathroom discharge from penis or vagina (thick white/yellow) abdominal pain, abnormal periods.
Chlamydia: painful urination, discharge
Trich: Men, no symptoms. Women, thin watery vaginal discharge. Pain during sex.

HPV: genital warts - painless bumps in genital area. is an internet outreach ministry of the
Marriage First program of Community Services, Inc.